Sunday, 6 May 2012

A Day in the West

Firstly, for anyone who knows me, the fact that I've remembered (eventually), how to do my next blog entry without Ash guiding me through is nothing short of AMAZING!!!  I've got this far....lets see if I can actually post it!  Mondays are special as we spend the day on the other side of town with our 19 month old grandaughter. As I sit at her mum and dad's computer, she is busily entertaining us....saying "hi" into her imaginary phone, saying "uh oh" if she drops something, putting her purple bike helmet on (she must know we need to go get her big brother from school soon), saying "yep" to all sorts of questions, laughing out loud at whatever amuses her for the moment, and wearing a dress that was her mum's! You know when she needs to have a sleep as when you see her busily rubbing her eyes and ask if she wants to go to her cot, she says "yep" and happily walks to the bedroom with you. She just walked up to me tapping her head with the helmet in her hand saying, "hat, hair". Think she's trying to tell me something? Anyhow, it may be a grey old day outside, but it's certainly sunny in here.....a little voice just said "nana" so I'd better go and see what other delights are in store before we get the pusher out and walk down to school. \
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY...Stop, just for a minute, take a deep breath and look for the little things so easily missed to enjoy. ( Tell me what you discover...)


  1. Oh she's so cute!!

    Something I am noticing right now (and not taking for granted) is the silence I get to enjoy for a little while as Richie sleeps.

  2. glad you had fun with little miss! she is certainly a character!xx